12 months ago my daughter arrived and changed my life completely. In ways that only parents understand.

Upon discovering the pregnancy, my first reaction was to find a stable job fast so that we had the money to properly prepare for her arrival and care for her once she arrived.

For the better part of a year I put in the hours on the stable job, but off in the distance was still the strong desire to follow my passion in life which is storytelling. So I took up a second and a third job all just trying to get the groundwork in place to be able to pursue my passion.

I thought about it this way: I am going to raise my daughter telling her that no matter what comes in life, she needs to follow her dreams and stick to her goals. So I couldn’t be a hypocrite could I?  

After ten months of fairly brutal preparations, Zero 2 Infinity Media arrived as my second child. It is what the name implies, a media production company. Whether we are working with clients to craft the perfect message to communicate what they need to say or we are simply telling our own stories, Z28 is the beginning of a life long dream come true.

Within a week of the initial equipment purchase we had a contract with a branch of GM Mexico with the stipluation of a 5 day turn-around for an as yet unwritten corporate presentation with a polished version within 14 days.

The result? Project fully done on schedule with a very pleased client just in time for the New Year.

So 2011 isn’t just a New Year for me, it is the beginning of a whole new life.